Our solution is fully compatible with XBRL

Why is XBRL better with Vizor?

  • Easier

    Not everybody understands the complexities of XBRL and shouldn't have to. We integrate the best that an XBRL toolset has to offer with our fully featured solution for financial regulation. Our solution requires limited XBRL knowledge on the part of the supervisor or industry.

  • Flexible

    With our software, the regulator can choose to use XBRL for a subset of supervisory challenges, while the regulated institutions have the choice of filing using alternative formats where XBRL capabilities are lacking.

  • End-to-end

    Vizor Software not only automates the financial data collection and validation process but also risk profiling, market statistics production, onsite supervision and business intelligence reports.

  • Faster

    Our approach is to map an XBRL Taxonomy onto our own very powerful and flexible data model. This results in short implementation times: Vizor can put a fully capable XBRL solution for pre-prepared standardised Taxonomies (such as Solvency II or COREP/FINREP) live in a matter of months.

  • Strengthens

    In addition to XBRL's data quality measures, Vizor provides the ability to add supplementary business rules and warnings which are not provided by an XBRL Taxonomy. We can also replace inefficient XBRL rules which slow down the XBRL validation process.

  • Efficient and timely

    By modelling Taxonomies in advance and applying Vizor Software's workflow, the supervisor gains assistance where it matters most: efficient and timely reporting and control over complete and accurate filer information.

  • Experts

    Whether you're interested in an XBRL toolset for data modelling and data collection or you need a complete solution to simplify and strengthen your regulation systems, talk to Vizor first.

  • XBRL Processors

    We integrate with best of breed XBRL validation and
    processing engines.