Breakthrough levels of data collection
self-service for supervisory authorities

Vizor Builder

Vizor Software has been engineered to be the most powerful and flexible software platform available for effective data collection. The strength of the application lies in its metadata driven architecture, allowing a huge array of system functionality to be designed and configured to specific regulatory needs. Vizor Builder enables this capability by putting the toolset in the hands of the supervisory authority, allowing certified users maintain and control data collections themselves.

The Problem

The pace of regulatory change is ever increasing and financial supervisors need a new way to respond. A typical requirement is the collection of additional data from regulated entities to meet an upcoming regulatory change or an ad-hoc request. Traditionally even small data collection changes involve complex and expensive system changes. However, experienced business users at supervisory authorities wish to rapidly extend or modify data collections themselves, with no IT involvement.

The Solution

Vizor Builder ensures a future-proof data collection system, which can quickly respond to regulatory changes or developments. With Vizor Builder the supervisor can obtain a self-service capability to implement system changes without the delay or cost associated with software changes. As part of a Vizor Software implementation, non-IT regulatory staff can be trained and certified on how to make these changes with ease.

Key Features

  • Importer wizard for XBRL and XML Automatically create new data collections from existing XBRL taxonomy packages or XML schemas.
  • Metadata management tool Empower business users with a powerful metadata management tool to modify or extend data collections more quickly and more cost-effectively.
  • Supported with self-service training Regulatory staff obtain certification in this self-service capability with a comprehensive training program on Vizor Builder.
  • Visual form designer Design complex data collection forms in a visual environment with the powerful Form Designer.
  • Manage data models and validations Specify these data models and place complex data validation rules on the data model with the included Schema Designer.

Product Highlights

Importer Wizard

  • Import XBRL taxonomy packages and create data collections automatically.
  • Import XML schemas and create data collections automatically.
  • The system user does not need to be an expert in XBRL or XML schemas in order to exploit the capabilities of the wizard.
  • Export and import rules to/from a Microsoft Excel template, where they can be added to and updated.

Schema and Form Designers

  • Extensible schema designer for both simple and complex multi-dimensional data models.
  • The Schema Designer allows these data models to be specified and allows complex data validation rules to be placed on the data model.
  • Validation rules such as calculations, validations, conditionality, feasibility assessment, and pre-population, are designed using the rule builder.
  • Template forms which sit on top of a schema are created and designed using an intuitive visual Form Designer.

Workflow Designer

  • Workflows can be used to manage supervision team tasks.
  • Automate background tasks such as transferring data to the corporate profile, sending emails, and distributing data to external systems.
  • Add tasks to a  workflow in a visual process-flow environment.