Quickly deploy a new regulatory analytics layer on your existing Vizor software platform

Vizor Analytics

Vizor Analytics is an add-on tool for the Vizor supervisory solution that automatically makes your regulatory returns data available for advanced risk analysis and reporting. Designed for the specific needs of regulators it can be deployed out-of-the-box, without the cost or risk associated with a major IT project.

The Problem

Regulators today are expected to produce analyses and publications against regulatory data collected from market participants. These analyses are expected to be of high presentation quality and provide valuable data insights within short timeframes. Regulators struggle to produce these analyses as many regulatory data sources are not compatible with industry standard BI tools. Many regulators may try to solve this challenge by building a new data warehouse and implementing custom extract-transform-load (ETL) of data to a data warehouse or data lake. This approach can take months or even years, and usually significantly underestimates scope, cost, and complexity.

The Solution

Vizor Analytics solves this challenge by automatically providing a data warehouse for regulatory data collected through Vizor Regulatory Returns application. The Vizor ETL automatically transfers data to the data warehouse as new data is reported by regulated entities. Vizor Software also automatically maintains the structures within the data warehouse as returns metadata changes over time. By making the data collected in Vizor Software automatically available in a BI-ready format, the Vizor Analytics solution allows regulators to lower the overall cost of their BI project.

Key Features

The power of business intelligence without the cost of an integration project

  • Analyse returns data with BI Tools Data collected by Vizor Regulatory Returns can now be analysed with BI tools as it is represented dimensionally, in a star/snowflake schema in the data warehouse.
  • Create a data warehouse automatically A data warehouse is created automatically based on Vizor returns metadata, and when the structure of a return changes (i.e. modified in Vizor Builder) the structure of the data warehouse is automatically updated accordingly.
  • Original collection format of data is irrelevant As long as data is shredded to a Vizor schema, it will be transformed and ready for analysis.
  • Automatic data transfers The ETL service automatically transfers return data to the Data Warehouse according to your desired frequency as new data comes in.
  • Compatible with industry-leading BI tools Vizor Analytics is compatible with industry-leading BI tools such as Tableau and PowerBI or even directly via Excel or PowerPivot. It can be used as a standalone data source for BI tools, or you can integrate it into your existing enterprise data warehouse or data lake architecture.

5-Steps to unleash the power of your data

Vizor has developed a standard project approach to add a Business Intelligence capability to your existing supervisory solution.

  1. Demo

    Arrange a BI demo with Vizor

  2. Proposal & Agreement

    Vizor sends a proposal detailing our solution along with a set of implementation & pricing options to suit your needs.

  3. Configure & Install

    Allow Vizor to install the Vizor Analytics solution in a sandbox environment while you get your Production environment ‘BI-ready’.

  4. BI Prototype

    Based on the agreed project plan our data analyst will work with your team to design and build a fully-functioning BI prototype in the sandbox environment (with a copy of production data).

  5. Knowledge Transfer & Self-Service BI

    Receive Vizor Analytics training course which covers principles, behaviour and structure of the Vizor Analytics solution. You will have your analysts certified in the use of the agreed BI tool. Armed with the knowledge of the Vizor data warehouse and BI tools, you are now ready for self-service BI.