Our off-the-shelf Software provides a single solution to support the entire supervisory lifecycle

Best-in-class collection and supervision system.

Successfully used by Financial Regulators and Central Banks in more than 25 countries, Vizor Software includes the breadth of product capability for the full supervisory function.

The Problem

Supervisory staff spend too much time on data collection and preparation, and it takes far too long to get usable data. Management often can’t get the data it needs when it needs it. Where there are still manual processes, the potential for human error exists and there is also a risk of data loss. The communication flow with regulated institutions can be unstructured and lacks full traceability.

The Solution

An integrated data collection and supervisory system that is based on best-in-class supervisory models but flexible enough to deal with regulator specific needs. A solution where supervisory staff spend their time working with and acting on timely data. A system which places the responsibility on regulated institutions for submitting quality data which is automatically checked. A situation where all data is immediately available for aggregate or ad-hoc reporting. A ready-made platform for risk-based supervision initiatives.

Used in 25+ countries Vizor is proven for effective data collection and supervision.

Key Features

Strengthen the entire supervisory lifecycle with improved data quality that enables more effective analysis.

  • Automated data collection and preparation

    Solution that ensures supervisory staff are fully available to act on valid data as data collection and preparation is automated

  • Immediate access to quality data

    Single supervisory system ensuring immediate access to quality controlled data for reporting, early warning indications and data publication

  • Self-maintaining master data

    Self-maintaining data with out-of-the-box templates for licensing and master data management

  • Integrated risk-based supervision

    Pre-built models for risk-based supervision, based on integrated data collections and master data information

  • Out-of-the-box business intelligence solution

    Includes an out-of-the-box business intelligence solution without the cost or risk associated with a major IT project

Product Architecture

Vizor supervisory solution includes 3 main Application Products. Customers license one or more of these depending on their requirements

To extend the capability of the Vizor supervisory solution two significant add-on tools are available. Vizor Analytics which provides an out-of-the-box Business Intelligence (BI) solution Vizor Builder, a regulatory metadata management tool that allows regulatory clients to modify their configurations on their own and extend the system themselves.

Software Overview

The Vizor solution supports the full supervisory lifecycle with a web based data submission portal with real-time validation; a single supervision centre which stores and processes all data and a configuration platform that allows for easy customisation of the complete system.

  • Easily adapts to your needs

    Each financial regulator has unique and ever evolving needs. Therefore Vizor Software has been planned, designed and built to be ultra flexible and vastly scalable.

    Vizor’s integrated toolset gives users the flexibility to quickly and easily modify functionality. And Vizor’s scalable modular structure allows you to use the modules you need now and easily add additional modules as required.

  • One wide, deep, accurate view

    Vizor provides financial analysis, on-site inspection and licensing to produce a complete risk profile and quick, accurate analysis. Vizor processes, monitors and reports on both quantitative and qualitative data to present a more holistic and more accurate picture. A complete view with reliable data to reduce the risk of error, highlight early warning signs and empower better decision making.

  • Allows for extensive automation

    With Vizor all supervisory data is collected via online forms or XBRL/XML/Excel upload and is stored in one central database, making it easier to automate processes and provide extensive, intelligent analysis and reporting. Vizor massively reduces manual work and at the touch of a button Vizor provides comparison, trend and qualitative reports.   As Vizor is a web based solution, with enterprise level security, it enables multiple classes of users to input and review data.

XBRL Compatible