One, purpose built, end-to-end system to replace multiple disjointed systems.

Software Overview

The Vizor solution supports the full supervisory lifecycle with a web based data submission portal with real-time validation; a single supervision centre which stores and processes all data and a configuration platform that allows for easy customisation of the complete system.

  • Easily adapts to your needs

    Each financial regulator has unique and ever evolving needs. Therefore Vizor Software has been planned, designed and built to be ultra flexible and vastly scalable.

    Vizor’s integrated toolset gives users the flexibility to quickly and easily modify functionality. And Vizor’s scalable modular structure allows you to use the modules you need now and easily add additional modules as required.

  • One wide, deep, accurate view

    Vizor provides financial analysis, on-site inspection and licensing to produce a complete risk profile and quick, accurate analysis. Vizor processes, monitors and reports on both quantitative and qualitative data to present a more holistic and more accurate picture. A complete view with reliable data to reduce the risk of error, highlight early warning signs and empower better decision making.

  • Allows for extensive automation

    With Vizor all supervisory data is collected via online forms or XBRL/XML/Excel upload and is stored in one central database, making it easier to automate processes and provide extensive, intelligent analysis and reporting. Vizor massively reduces manual work and at the touch of a button Vizor provides comparison, trend and qualitative reports.   As Vizor is a web based solution, with enterprise level security, it enables multiple classes of users to input and review data.

Key Features

  • Licensed activity authorization

    Companies apply for authorization to carry out new activities through the submission of notification forms. Supervisory business processes for the review and approval of these applications is controlled via a Vizor workflow.

    Licensed activity authorization
  • Periodic regulatory return reporting

    Automatic file upload (XML/Excel/XBRL) and manual editing capabilities with strict data quality controls ensure that all collected supervisory data is of
    the highest quality.

    Periodic regulatory return reporting
  • Early warning systems

    Business rules/calculations that are visible only to the supervisor provide immediate early warning indicators on submitted data. A quick calculation to compare the current reporting period to the previous one or to the industry average can highlight early warning signs, empowering better decision making.

    Early warning systems
  • Market statistics production

    Once all periodic data is submitted, standard aggregate and market statistic reports are generated at the touch of a button. These reports are then shared internally for review before being published to external agencies or to the industry (if applicable).

    Market statistics production
  • Fee, levy and penalty management

    Fees associated with filing scheduled financial returns or notification forms are automatically calculated based on return type, company size and the filer is advised of the fee due date. Penalties for late or erroneous submissions are immediately recorded upon submission.

    Fee, levy and penalty management
  • Corporate profile management

    Companies can keep their corporate profile information (address, directors, shareholders etc.) up to date through the submission of annual or ad-hoc notification forms. Once approved, the corporate profile is automatically updated.

    Corporate profile management
  • On-site inspections

    Plan for and execute on-site inspections using an inspection pack that pulls data from periodic financial returns, risk profiling and market statistics to provide a customised inspection plan for each selected industry player.

    On-site inspections
  • Risk profiling and industry risk rating

    Vizor references multiple data sources (financial returns, corporate profile, market statistics, inspection packs etc.) to produce a complete and holistic risk profile of each industry player. Comparative industry risk rating reports guide the focus of on-site inspections.

    Risk profiling and industry risk rating
  • Public complaints

    Members of the public can submit complaints against regulated companies through an online form accessible from the regulator's public website. This automatically triggers the internal complaint management business process (workflow).

    Public complaints
  • Revocation (voluntary or enforced)

    Whether a company ceases trading or is subject to enforcement leading to license revocation, Vizor Software ensures that the company's permissions are suitably restricted while still retaining a full audit trail.

    Revocation (voluntary or enforced)
XBRL Compatible