Automate the entire Solvency II Supervision Process

What is Solvency II?

Solvency II is a comprehensive programme of regulatory requirements for insurers, covering authorisation, corporate governance, supervisory reporting, public disclosure and risk assessment & management, as well as solvency and reserving.

In order to meet this requirement, insurance supervisors need to solve the technology challenge of the new Solvency II implementation without undermining their core regulatory and supervisory responsibilities.


Solution Highlights

  1. Collect & validate quantitative (QRT) and qualitative data in XBRL format from insurance undertakings.

  2. Collect and validate qualitative data, such as ORSA, from insurance undertakings.

  3. Review, analyse and approve XBRL and other submissions within a single ‘Supervision Centre’ application.

  4. Assess undertakings’ SCR/MCR, System of Governance, ORSA, and other submitted information.

  5. Analyse, aggregate, summarise and publish quantitative data.

  6. Validate data against EIOPA defined rules, as well as additional plausibility rules.

  7. Share data with other supervisors and EIOPA using XBRL.

Why choose Vizor Software?

  1. For the past 15 years, Financial Regulators and Central Banks have trusted Vizor Software for the collection and validation of highly complex data from Financial Institutions.

  2. Other European insurance regulators, have chosen Vizor Software for their Solvency II implementation.

  3. Vizor has extensive experience in providing solutions that streamline the data collection and validation process from insurance undertakings, allowing you to focus on your core business.

  4. Vizor is the only provider of an out-of-the-box solution that meets all of your Solvency II requirements.

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