Launch, manage and validate any type of regulatory data collection

Vizor Regulatory Returns

Vizor Regulatory Returns empowers the financial regulator to take control of data collections. As part of the implementation, the regulator can flexibly define the properties of the new collection. You can then schedule the new collection, collect the data from market participants, automatically validate the data is correct, assess the data, analyse the data, distribute the data to downstream systems and share the data with other regulators.

The Problem

Regulators today are expected to collect many forms of complex data from various market participants and act against that data in a timely manner. Regulators struggle with a combination of disparate processes and inflexible IT data collection and analysis systems. Supervisory staff spend too much time on data collection and preparation, and it takes far too long to get usable data.

The Solution

An integrated data collection and analysis system that is based on best-in-class templates and processes but is flexible enough to deal with regulator specific needs. A solution whereby new regulatory data collections can be defined, scheduled, collected, validated, assessed, analysed, distributed and shared by business users with ease. A solution where the responsibility is placed on FIs for submitting correct and timely data which is automatically checked. A solution where this data is immediately available for aggregate or ad-hoc reporting.

Key Features

  • Best-in-class data collection system Integrated and intuitive data collection system based on best-in-class templates and processes, that ensures supervisory staff are fully available for supervision.
  • Flexible formats, data models and rules Define new regulatory data collections (format, data model, rules, presentation) with user-friendly business tools. Define data in whatever collection format you deem appropriate.
  • Free up staff for supervision duties Regulatory data is collected through an easy to access portal which requires minimal end user support. Data is fully validated in the portal before submission to the regulator, reducing the collection workload and freeing up staff for supervision.
  • Up-front data quality and risk checks On receipt, immediately assess the received data in a variety of ways – plausibility check, aggregate across the industry – and act if required.
  • Immediate access to data Immediate access to data for supervision and ease of distribution to downstream systems or share the collected data with other supervisory bodies.

Product Highlights

Regulatory Returns Collection

  • Collect Return data on a periodically scheduled or ad-hoc basis
  • Collect conventional or highly complex multi-dimensional data, on a solo or consolidated basis
  • Allow Regulated Entities to enter return data via web forms or upload data in multiple formats, including MS Excel, XML, XBRL and custom file formats
  • Allow Regulated Entities to file incremental versions of a return across time periods
  • Automatically generate reminders for upcoming and overdue returns

Returns Validation & Submission

  • Automatically validate return data before submission in real-time or off-line, depending on return complexity
  • Create and execute powerful validation rules that validate all data – not just within a return, but also across time, across returns, across dimensions
  • Choose whether rule failures should prevent return submission (errors) or allow submission (warnings)

Returns Review & Assessment

  • Review & assess successfully submitted return data
  • Perform an assessment of the overall financial health of the Regulated Entity
  • Receive early warning notifications if data quality or plausibility thresholds are breached, enabling early intervention
  • Conduct plausibility analysis on the return data and request further information from the Regulated Entity for significant outliers
  • Levy penalties on the Regulated Entity for late filings